BEAUTIFUL DISASTER SYNOPSIS Starring Brad James & Jasmine Burke
Saniya, is a young woman who learned at a early age that respect is not always earned. Sometimes it has to be taken. And after years of working to secure a high level position at her company, her plans take a detour when she's undermined and replaced. But soon after, she's unexpectantly enticed with a level of power and money she's only dreamed of. With her outlook on life and relationships already twisted, she takes a path of no return. Her plan to take revenge backfires when emotions run high and she gets more than she bargined for.  Refusing to face her own issues, her heartless actions catch up with her, forcing her to realize that she has to deal with her past in order to receive the future life and love she's really looking for.

"My vision is to produce a fresh new film that not only moves viewers in both familiar and novel ways, but that announces the emergence of the kind of cinema I think we all long for. As a filmmaker, I strive to write and direct screenplays that inspire, connect and invoke new ideas. Through "Beautiful Disaster" I want to reach the hidden, less discussed and avoided areas of our lives.Through an array of familiar characters, I want to cause viewers to self reflect and possibly see parts of themselves they try to push aside, all while being entertained through humor and an array of emotions. Through this film I want to create art that defies stereotypes, push artistic boundaries and lead by example."-Nancy Stricklin

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